101 Android Travel Tips, Tricks and Hacks (2016 Edition): A Guide for Travellers, Digital Nomads and Android Users

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There’s more to travelling with a smartphone than tossing it into your bag.

101 Android Travel Tips, Tricks, and Hacks will teach you how to use your Android smartphone like a pro in a travel context.

This book is a compilation of the best tips and tricks I know – and I learned them first-hand, on the go. I road tested over 700 iPhone and Android travel- and productivity-related apps on over 60,000+ km of travel. The results provided a wealth of material for two books about travelling with a smartphone and tablet.

On those research trips, I travelled ‘mobile only’ – with just a smartphone and tablet – using them to complete every technical travel-related task I needed to. That process forced me to understand how to use a mobile device to do things I’d previously done only on a laptop. Many app reviews you read online are tested at the author’s desk, but my field-testing proved which apps and services look great on paper but fail in practice, as many of them do. I also learned many power tips and tricks that I was unaware of – even as a seasoned traveller or Android user.

I’ve also worked remotely for over a decade, and so I have spent many hours learning this information through hard, first-hand experience. My aim with this book is to share some of my best tips to save you doing the same.

The tips, tricks, and hacks fall into a broad range of categories:

• Security

• Airports and flights

• Currency exchange

• Power Google travel hacks

• Time

• Conducting online transactions securely

• Translation

• Email

• Battery saving tips

• Getting around

• Photo tips

• Offline apps

• Entertainment

• Backup

• Saving mobile data

….and much more!

In particular, the book has many practical tips and tricks for tweaking the settings on your smartphone to get the most out of it in a mobile or travel context. You’ll also find links to some great travel-related apps and online services. (However, the book is not focused primarily on travel apps.)

Some of the tips are lengthy; others are brief. In all cases, they’re designed to be both practical and fun.

Tips about saving on phone call charges by using Skype are a dime a dozen, so you won’t find them in my book. Ditto for hints on using TripAdvisor. Instead, 101 Android Travel Tips, Tricks, and Hacks focuses on some of the features, applications and services that you probably don’t know about and that will prove useful to you.

It’s perfect for travellers (leisure or business), digital nomads and remote workers, as well as all Android users who are looking to master their mobile devices. Regardless of whether you’re a new smartphone user or a pro, you’re bound to find useful information in this book that you hadn’t known before.

This book isn’t a manual; it is intended as quick guide to help you discover features of your phone, apps, and services you may have overlooked or will likely be unaware of. It is intended to be used with phone users, however, if you have Android on a tablet, it will likely work similarly with that device.

It is available at a special price for a limited time.

You can find out more about me and my work at www.itravel.life.

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