16GB Secure USB 2.0 Flash Drive Keypad Lock AES 256-bit Hardware Off-line Encryption

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This unique secure flash drive comes with a built-in battery. Password and security features can be setup without having to connect the device to a computer. This ensures you of having your data secured right from the time you start using it. With 6-15 password settings to choose from, millions of different passwords can be set. Passwords can be entered through the built-in independent keyboard, thereby eliminating all threats involved when entering the password through a PC keyboard. The encryption standards used by US Military, AES256 is used in hardware encryption, cipher text storage mode and synchronous read methods. Guarantees maximum security and protection as per military standards, making it impossible to be decrypted by using physical force or by cracking. Comes with two partitions for storage: Normal Partition and Security Partition. The Normal Partition would function like a USB Storage Device whereas the Security Partition can be accessed only after entering the correct password when connected to a computer. This makes the U618 easy to use and safe simultaneously. Data existing on the drive is managed by a smart high-end chip that is capable of Data Self-Destruction and Smart Self-Locking, which protects it from any type of unauthorized access. Manufactured from high-grade ABS plastic compliant with RoHs standards, it incorporates high-grade UV forging during the manufacturing process. Due to this, the body is lightweight and looks classy at the same time. The body is engineered with precision and it sports a rubber button along with a color pellet of white and black. The drive is compatible to transfer data at USB 2.0 standards and also provides features such as hot plug, plug-and-play usage and supports high speed data transfers, complies with U-SAFE standards, allowing you to stay stress-free about your data.AES 256-bit hardware real time encryption

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