Black Square Technologies USB File and Folder Encryption (Enigma)

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Encrypt or decrypt any file or folder on your NB or PC, external Storage, server and cloud storage

Enigma allows the user to encrypt or decrypt throughout the entire network, including all cloud storage applications Complete cloud storage provider compatibility Write Protect Boot Sector / Master Boot Record (Intrusion Prevention) for downstream connected USB storage devices Write Protect Entire Storage-files and folders may not be deleted; no data may be added to the storage device Search for encrypted files using *.BKSQ Attach an encrypted file to an email Military strength AES-256 encryption Without the Enigma device it is not possible to decrypt an encrypted file Ability to change password at any time

Write Protect master boot record (MBR) features intrusion prevention, which protects downstream USB storage devices from unknown viruses which may be onboard your computer. Enigma prevents the infection of your connected storage devices and USB flash drives.

Thru an exclusive license with Enova Technologies, we’ve designed Enigma around a patented, proven HCM (hardware cryptographic module). Enigma is compatible with WIN and MAC operating systems, and all USB protocols. Enigma enables the user to encrypt or decrypt a file, multiple files or an entire folder of data with one click. Enigma devices do not store data; Enigma has been specifically designed as a key management pass thru device.
Enigma offers patented, USB based real time, transparent, on the go hardware encryption

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