How to Travel Practically Anywhere

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An essential guide for today’s traveler: timesaving tips to navigate, book, and troubleshoot your travel planning, on and off the Web. If you? ve ever tried to find a sale fare you saw advertised for a flight, only to turn up much higher prices, or discovered that the hotel you booked wasn? t exactly “steps away from the ocean,” you know that the do-it-yourself era of travel can mean something else entirely: you? re on your own. Now Susan Stellin, a regular contributor to the New York Times, offers the ultimate guide to the sometimes overwhelming logistics of travel, from researching trip plans to avoiding pitfalls on the road. This comprehensive guidebook presents practical advice on the most useful Web sites, strategies for finding the best deals, and resources to help you decide where and when to go. It also provides crucial tips to ensure your trip doesn? t disappoint, including – what you should research before you book your hotel – how to avoid hidden fees and expensive change penalties – what your credit card covers when you rent a car – whom to call if you need a doctor far from home No matter what type of trip you’re planning — business or pleasure, domestic or international, budget or splurge, exotic getaway or family visit — How to Travel Practically Anywhere will be an indispensable resource.ISBN13: 9780618607532

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