iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit

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This toolset cuts to the core of what it takes to open electronics of the modern era. A suction cup for screens, plastic opening tools for micro case seams, and 26 different screw bits for the myriad screw heads used in modern electronics. A great toolset in its own right, it works great if you have a whole slew of home electronic repairs to do, or if you only have one repair in mind and want a set that lasts. Except, of course, the blue plastic opening tools which are made from a soft plastic to prevent scratches on plastic enclosures and do wear out. — Kit Contains: — 26 Bit Driver Kit — Slot/Flathead: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 mm — Phillips: #000, #00, #0, #1, #2 — Torx: T4, T5, T6 — Torx/Torx Security: T7/TR7, T8/TR8, T9/TR9, T10/TR10, T15/TR15, T20/TR20 – Hex: 1.5, 2, 2.5 3, 4 mm — Tri-wing: #0, #1 — Spanner Bit: U3.0 — Magnetized driver handle — 60 mm Extension — Metal Tweezers — 2x Plastic Opening Tool Sets — Small Suction Cup — Plastic Spudger — iFixit Metal Ruler — Anti-Static Wrist Strap — 6x iFixit Opening Picks –Perfect for hobbyists and home use. This basic kit will service most modern electronics.

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