IronKey Personal D250 8GB Secure (D2-D250-B08-2FIPS)

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Take your personal information with you everywhere, safely and securely HARDWARE ENCRYPTION ENSURES DATA STAYS SAFE, ALWAYS Protect your critical data with the IronKey Cryptochip that keeps encryption management on the device and enforces an authorized password to unlock data and applications on the encrypted flash drive. The IronKey Personal drives are FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated with AES 256-bit hardware encryption, the strongest available to protect your sensitive data while meeting regulatory requirements. SAFEGUARD YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY WITH PROTECTION THAT NEVER SLEEPS Self-defending IronKey Personal drives provide active protections against the spread of worms, malware and other malicious code. The device will permanently self-destruct after 10 consecutive incorrect password attempts, and a ruggedized, waterproof metal chassis resists physical break-ins and is tamper evident. MANAGE AND PROTECT YOUR ONLINE PASSWORDS Manage all your passwords directly from the drive, and protect them using the same hardware encryption engine that guards your other data. The IronKey Identity Manager locally manages all of your online passwords with secure, one-click direct access and protection against keystroke-logging spyware and other online threats. JUST PLUG IN AND GOSECURE, PRIVATE WEB SURFINGA secure, portable version of Mozilla Firefox is pre-loaded on your drive, letting you surf without worry and protecting your passwords whenever you go online. All your data, cookies, and Web history are maintained locally on the drive. PHYSICALLY HARDENED Rely on a rugged metal casing built to protect against physical damage and internal components that are sealed to defend against tampering. It’s even passed and exceeded military waterproof testing requirements. BUILT TO LAST Imation uses only the highest quality components, delivering 10 to 20 times the average memory lifespan of a traditional flash drive.Secure Flash Drive

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