iRun® L Head DC Power Cable with MagSafe Compatible Connector for Apple MacBook 5.5×2.5mm New

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☆ Apple DC cable with L-head 5.5mm x 2.5mm Male Connector.☆ Cable Length: 1.8M (5.9 feet) ☆ Product Description: L-Connector tip for Apple MagSafe1 MacBook computers. ☆ Compatible Apple MagSafe1 Macbook Models: Apple Mac Book: MA254LL/A, MA255LL/A, MA472LL/A, MA699LL/A, MA700LL/A, MA701LL/A, MB061LL/B, MB062LL/B, MB063LL/B, MB061LL/A, MB062LL/A, MB063LL/A. APPLE Mac Book: MA463LL/A, MA464LL/A, MA090LL, MA600LL, MA601LL, MA092LL/A, MA609LL, MA610LL, MA611LL/A, MA895LL/A, MA896LL/A, MA895LL, MA896LL, MA897LL/A, Core Duo 1.67 15-inch, 15.4-inch Glossy, 17-inch, Late 2006, Mid 2007 17-inch Santa Rosa, Late 2007 15.4-inch Santa Rosa Most APPLE MacBook 13″ Laptops Most APPLE MagSafe MacBook PRO Laptops Most APPLE MacBook Pro 13″ Laptops MacBook Air Series such as: MacBook Air A1237, MacBook Air A1304, MacBook Air 11″ A1370, MacBook Air 13″ A1369 MacBook 13″ Series such as: MacBook 13″ A1181, MacBook 13″ A1278 MacBook Pro 13″ Series such as: MacBook Pro 13″ A1278 ☆ Special Note: This connector tip is just a connector, no any voltage or current control circuit inside. Although this connector may fit many different Macbook computers. However, different Macbook computers may need different voltages and currents. Please make sure the power source this connector tip connected (such as power adapters or batteries) can supply correct voltage and current for your Macbook computers. ☆ Package Content: One unit DC Cable as Pictures. ☆ ☆ Only Support: Apple MagSafe1 Macbook Laptops with 18.5V-4.6A, 85W /16.5V-3.65A, 60W /14.5V-3.1A, 45W charger ☆ The item is as pictured. Brand New & High Quality. ☆ If you need MagSafe2 connector instead of MagSafe1 connector, please refer to our Magsafe items (iRun’s AISN: B00QP4N0TI /B00QP55TZK/B00OPXRMCC /B00JQ4I4D6 are for your reference!)L-head/90° Apple DC cable, 5.5 x 2.5mm tip -1.8M (5.9 feet)

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