Kensington Key Folio Thin X3 Keyboard Case with Powerlift, iPad Air 2 (K97390US)

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The iPad Air 2 has redefined what a thin, lightweight tablet should look and feel like. Now Kensington is doing the same thing for ultra-thin iPad Bluetooth keyboard cases with the Key Folio Thin X3 . The X3 features a breakthrough in innovation. Power Lift allows you to tap into the keyboard’s internal battery and charge your phone using your USB cable. A sleek and form-fitting, hard-shell exterior surrounds the tablet in protection while maintaining its thin profile. When the Key Folio Thin X3 is opened, it reveals an integrated iPad Air 2 Bluetooth keyboard that features 6 rows of high-performance scissor keys, including a row of dedicated shortcut keys, allowing you to be more productive using fewer keystrokes. The unique Quick Fold design allows you to hide the keyboard beneath the iPad Air 2 so you can quickly and easily transition from typing mode to viewing mode. A keyboard power sensor lets you switch seamlessly from an active iPad Bluetooth keyboard to standby mode when it’s disengaged from the magnetic channel, helping conserve battery life.Power Lift is a supplemental battery inside your keyboard that can be used to charge your Smartphone. No need to carry extra batteries!

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