Maglus Stylus

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Just another stylus?

Well, don’t believe the hype. When you get past the rave reviews and web buzz, you’ll find it comes down to one thing.
It simply feels good in your hand.

Who are Applydea?

Applydea are the Irish design duo Noel Joyce and Andy Shaw. They are co-creators of the Maglus, the world’s first magnetic iPad stylus.

How do two young designers get from a hunch that they can make a better to stylus to seeing that stylus appear in Apple’s iPad 4 keynote?

Well, they have the design chops for a start, Noel was already a National winner at the Dyson design awards. Andy could take you on a tour of every millimeter of the stylus; his consideration yielding an uncompromising technical edge.

The simplicity of what ends up in your hand is the latest step on an ongoing journey, wrought through considerable ongoing effort. It’s not just that the dozen versions that came before the one you see before you, but the dozens of other possibilities they considered, different material choices, manufacturing choices. Everything that adds up to it feeling right.

It simply feels good in your hand.
Accurate conductive tip for precise control.

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